About Us


Kimuli Model Nursery & Primary School was started in 1998 with the commitment of the members of KIMULI COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP as a seed project to provide equitable education services to the disadvantaged children of the area, geared towards up lifting their standards and forging a bright future for the children of the land, while serving as a model for other schools in the vicinity.

The school initially started in temporary structures made out of local materials like reeds and sticks with a simple roof on top.

Since then, the school has grown from strength to strength with the help and the backing of the local community, in whom it has won the trust.
The once temporary structures have been improved to have more permanent; though still wanting structures.

KIMULI COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP (KCDG) is a registered Community Based, Non-Partisan organization working to improve the lives of the marginalized. It was started in 1998 but registered a year later; (Reg. No. 831) by the Rakai District Administration; with major emphasis on creating accessibility to Primary Education, Agriculture &Fishing, Carpentry &Agro trade as well as Savings & Credit Scheme.

KCDG is blessed to own the land on which the school is located. One of the Group’s executive members; Mr. Ellie Jjuuko, offered the land for this noble cause. This land is dully surveyed and demarcated with a land title.

To transform the lives of marginalized people especially the ones who have lost their dear ones and have no one to take care of them; and also to empower the people of Kimuli through practical development skills.

A Community in which the local peoples’ economic aspirations and rights are fully recognized and nurtured to ensure equitable and sustainable human development; for a better tomorrow.

God fearing: We execute our duties in respectful fear of our God and fundamentally do only what is acceptable under our Christian principles

EQUALITY FOR ALL: God made all people equal; our organization is committed to a development process that promotes equality and basic access to equal opportunities.

RIGHTA AND DIGINITY FOR ALL: KCDG believes in and strives to uphold the rights and dignity of all people especially in the rural communities where we operate from.

HARDWORK AND TEAMWORK: We put all our heart and soul into whatever we do —giving it 100%! We also believe in supporting one another in the execution of our mission.

INSTITUTIONALPARTNRSHIP IN DVLOPMENT: KCDG welcomes and respects ongoing International initiatives and national policies to take care and give support to vulnerable children and disadvantaged people; fight poverty, ignorance as well as imparting survival skills.

INTEGRITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: We are ever honest, transparent and do abide by very strong moral principles. We in addition, willingly accept our responsibility and willingly execute it with commitment.

School strategic Direction
School Vision
: To Be A Model Community Primary School in Rakai District.
School Mission: To empower children with intellectual, Spiritual and Physical skills.
School Motto: We toil for a clear future

1.Current Enrollment: 290
2.Number of  Sponsored Orphans Sixty ( 60)
3.Teaching Staff members: 9
4.Non Teaching staff Members: 1
5.Current school facilities:
6.Classrooms: 5
7.Staff room: 1
8.Latrines: 1
9.Kitchen: 1


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