Our Pupils


Clad in a blue uniform is a bright little girl Kadama presenting a poem about HIV. She happens to be an orphan having lost her parents to HIV. She currently stays with her grannie who also lucks the wherewithal to sustain her in school. She was therefore picked up by Director Mr. Jjuuko Elly who got her fixed in the school. There are many children of her kind that the school takes care of despite the scarce resources.


The school choir presenting before the parents and guests. We always make sure our students are kept busy with other programmes such as music dance and drama to avoid redundance.



Children enjoying the wooden seesaw a master-piece of their beloved Director Mr, Jjuuko Elly. Even in times of scarcity there is room for improvising.

play time

play time

The school is endowed with a vast play area big enough to host all sorts of games

inside one of the classrooms

inside one of the classrooms


One Response to Our Pupils

  1. Jjuuko Joshua says:

    Commendable work there! Thanks to the management for the developments achieved in two years I have spent away from the school.
    No doubt it’s a model school with in it’s area
    Go Model gooooo

    Liked by 1 person

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